Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR154/5)

2.7.1601 (Thursday 2 July 1601)

document 20401929

memorandum by Roger Harlakenden esq recites that there was complaint made unto me that the said Giles Claydon mentioned in the recognisance hereunto annexed being an informer of her majesty's court of exchequer under colour of divers offences committed against penal laws and statutes of this realm has taken to his own use bribes of divers persons and so foreborne to inform against them whereby any redress might be of such misdemeanours and there was then a note of his own handwriting as I was informed delivered unto me which the said Giles Claidon gave unto one Nich Harris of Earls Colne victualler and took of him part of a flitch of bacon to forbear any further proceeding against him for that offence which note I have annexed hereunto