Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR176)

1=.6.1606 (June 1606)

document 20500330

two juries returned at Halstead to enquire into riots at Colneford Mill two indictments one of riot and one of forcible entry preferred by Rich Harlakenden against Wm Strutt Robt Peartree Edw Smith Wm Edes and Mary his wife Dan Rand and Jn Sillitoe and upon full hearing found guilty of riot certified in form of law on the indictment of that date above persons discharged and ignoramus found on bill of indictment for the force Waldegrave's evidence dowager countess of Oxford said juries called at midnight and Edes and others had no knowledge of it otherwise they could have showed forth evidences says that the jury well knowing the innocency of the above persons and the usual corrupt course of Rich Harlakenden and Robt Cobbe did not find such force but being rustled and misled by false evidence of Sam Diglett the elder and Cooper and proper knowledge and persuasions of Waldegrave being several times together after they would have found an ignoramus did yet in the end find a riot to be committed by above 17.5.1606 and 18.5.1606 last past on faithful assurance of Thos Waldegrave that three men entering a house without weapons or blows because they were above two was in the understanding of the law of riot