Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/41)

22.10.1640 (Thursday 22 October 1640)

document 20800175

information of Thos Coell of Earls Colne husbandman taken on oath before sir Thos Wyseman knight 22.10.1640 this informer saith that upon friday last was fortnight as he thinketh he had certain spar timber stolen out of his ground near unto the house of Jn Loveday in Chapple parish he saith that upon saturday morning following he did find that some spar timber was carried away and he doth suspect one Xoph Bewers and Rich Ward to have stolen and carried away the said timber by reason that he was told by one Robt Pike that he did see the said Bewers and Ward carry upon their necks certain spar timber upon friday night in the evening an hour after the sun was down