Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/43)

3.9.1641 (Friday 3 September 1641)

document 20800236

examination of Thos Hervey of Earls Colne taken before sir Wm Maxey 3.9.1641 who being demanded by me whether he was at church the last sabbath day being 29.8.1641 he answered me that he was at Earls Colne church in the forenoon hearing one mr Joslyn preach and after he had dined come again to church and at the ringing of the bell he went into the church and took the common prayer book out of the church and carried it away being then but little company there did take the said book and threw it into a pond thereby and the next day in the morning he went to the pond and took out the said book cut it to pieces part thereof he did burn some he threw away and some he kept in his pocket and further he cannot say