Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/45)

11.1.1642 (Tuesday 11 January 1642)

document 20800250

the return of Edw Creffield one of the chief constables of the said hundred made 11.1.1642 to Rich Pulley gentleman clerk of the peace for the said county upon an order from him received made at the last general sessions of the peace for the reaving and apportioning of some 8li charged on the said hundred to be weekly paid out of the same towards the relief of the town of Witham being then infected with the plague shewing how the sum of 3li13s4d being the full part of the sum falling on the parishes in his division of the said hundred was equally apportioned amongst the parishes thereof and by precepts required to be weekly paid to Nich Willowes of the Lyon in Kelverden according to the order (part missing) Earls Colne parish 6s2d of total of 3li13s4d