Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/45)

1641 (1641)

document 20800271

the humble petition of Thos Cowell of White Colne husbandman
Hill 1641 humbly showeth that the petitioner upon complaint by him made to the worship sir Thos Wiseman justice of the peace against one Wm Graunt of Earls Colne mason for entering into the petitioner's ground and cutting down a tree and carrying it away and for threatening the petitioner in such sort as he standeth in daily fears of his life else by the warrant hereto annexed may appear upon which warrant it then pleased his worship to direct his order to the constables of Earls Colne or one of them which was delivered by the petitioner to one     Mathew of Earls Colne cordwainer then one of the constables thereof upon 16.12.1641 last (year assumed) being the day after the date of the said warrant who neglected the execution of the said warrant being oftentimes thereto solicited by the petitioner to the great damage of him he still in daily fear of his life now for as much as the poor petitioner by reason of the said Mathews non execution of the said warrant the petitioner is much damnified by reason of the said Mathews being since out of office and for that the fellow who hath given threatening speeches against the petitioner he therefore humbly prayeth to commiserate his estate and to take such present order for his redress therein as to your honourable worship shall seem fit and the petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray for