Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/62)

27.8.1646 (Thursday 27 August 1646)

document 20800292

the examination of Judith Neale of Stisted in this county singlewoman taken on oath before sir Thos Honywood justice of the peace 27.8.1646 sayeth that she is now quick with child and that when the said child shall be born Guy Pennocke of Earls Colne in the said county singleman is to be taken for the reputed father thereof for that he had carnal knowledge of her body divers and several times in mr Little's house in Halsted with whom they were then servants unto viz the first time upon a chamber a little before easter the second time about a week following and threesene times after and she further sayeth that none other either before or after ever had any carnal knowledge except the said Guy Pennocke mark Judith Neale