Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/86)

10.10.1653 (Monday 10 October 1653)

document 20800352

at the Park House in Earls Colne 10.10.1653 examination of Jone Price the daughter of     Price of Earls Colne singlewoman taken then and there before sir Thos Honywood colonel Thos Cooke and Wm Harlakenden justices of the peace she saith that one Jn Jenner of White Colne sawyer had the carnal knowledge of her body about three weeks after xmas.last and also about a fortnight after and also a third time about a week after and that she was begotten with child by him at the second time he the said Jenner had the carnal knowledge of her and that all the times that he so had carnal knowledge of her it was about the hour of six o'clock in the afternoon and in the stable that the said Jenner doth hire of her father at the furtherest side upon the planchers