Quarter Sessions Bundles (ERO Q/SBb12/15)

1.12.1698 (Saturday 1 December 1698)

document 20900446

(these have been summarised as they are so similar to previous forms) due to the contagion of smallpox in Coggeshall they are not able to support the large numbers of poor impotent people or provide work for their children several parishes in the hundred of Lexden in the division in which Great Coggeshall lieth are rated taxed and assessed by the local justices of the peace according to the statute of 43Eliz1 in order to raise sums of money for the necessary relief of Great Coggeshall poor Colne Engaine is rated at 46li Coptford at 14li10s Aldham at 30li White Colne at 15li10s Earls Colne at 15li to pay the same to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Great Coggeshall on or before 2.1.1699 at their perils Antho Abdy Edw Bullock Hen Ayloffe