Quarter Sessions Bundles (ERO Q/SBb29/24)

.1.1704 (January 1704)

document 21000113

the examination of Thos Horne this examinant saith upon oath this day before one of her majesty's justices of the peace for the county that he lived five or six years before (torn) married and sixteen years since and upwards in (torn) parish of Alphamston and that the last service# (torn) was in was with (sic) mr Jeremy Fish minister of the (torn) parish of Alphamston being hired by him for a (torn) but stayed but half a year and then went home to (torn) his father who then lived in the said parish of Alphamston and that he was twice married in the said parish and the banns published both the times in the parish church and was both (torn) the times married by the said mr Fish then minister of the said parish and that he had one child born and christened (torn) in the said parish and is about 14yr or 15yr (torn) old and moreover that he hath successively wrought in the (torn) highways according to the directions of the surveyors every year ever since he married excepting last year and that he hath remained ever since in the said parish without any molestation or hindrance whatsoever by any of the parishioners mark Thos Horne Jn Cressener