Quarter Sessions Bundles (ERO Q/SBb29/24)

5.10.1703 (Tuesday 5 October 1703)

document 21000099

at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the queen held for the county of Essex at Chelmsford in the same county tuesday next after the feast of michaelmas viz 5.10.2Anne1 whereas by an order under the hands and seals of Hen Ayloffe and Jn Cressener esquires two of her majesty's justices of the peace of this county one being of the quorum made for the removing one Thos Horne from the parish of Earls Colne to the parish of Alphamstone in this county that appearing to them to be the place of his last legal settlement now upon hearing the appeal of the churchwardens and overseers of Alphamstone aforesaid from the order of the said two justices and what was then alleged by counsel at this general quarter sessions it is ordered by this court that the said appeal be respited to the next general quarter sessions of the peace upon bill of cost to be paid by that side the said appeal shall then go against Reynolds clerk of the peace