Earls Colne and Colne Priory rental (ERO D/DPr111)

=.3.1615 (March 1615)

document 22200124

of Agnes Birde widow for Wallnuttecroft
E 20d of her for parcel of Lowfield 3s
E seisin(inserted) of her for
P a tenement called Mathewes a parcel of land with a well in it late Thos Olmested's a croft called Olmesteds with a barn in the south end thereof 16d1h of her for a tenement called Fanyams 4d
P (73) of her for
P a croft called Maltehouse and a garden called Grapnells 12d of her for 1r in Kemborne Meadow
P 3d of her for
P 4a parcel of Tredgoldes Fenne 3s and for a pasture called Newemans 12d1h of her for
P a garden called Juddes with a pightle etc 5d1h and for a parcel of St Marie Crofte 5d and for Sagisgarden 4d1h and for another garden called Juddes 3d1h and for a messuage late of Wm Oldhawe 10d and for 6a parcel of Lowefield 3s