Gilberts Tenement Rental (ERO D/DPr59)

34Hen8 (Saturday 22 April 1542)

document 44500971

Jn Tilwicke and Jn Sparrowe being seised of all the whole lands and tenements belonging to Gilberds by their deed bearing date in 34Hen8 sold to Nich Gerard of Colne and others one parcel of land with a pond in the same one head abutting upon the land late Wm Hawk sometime Jn Hynes of the part of the south the other head upon the land of the said Wm Hawk of the part of the west and it abutteth also upon the garden of Thos Morden of the part of the east and it abutteth upon the garden of the messuage called Joldens of the part of the north to hold to him his heirs and assigns of the chief lord of the fee by the rents and services therefore done and of right accustomed renting yearly for the same to the said Jn and Jn their heirs and assigns 4d at two usual terms in the year