Gilberts Tenement Rental (ERO D/DPr59)

11.2.8Rich2 (Saturday 11 February 1385)

document 44500922

the same Hen Hyne and his cofeoffees before mentioned gave granted and by their deed bearing date the 11.2.8Rich2 confirmed to Robt Mathewe of Earls Colne and Isabel his wife Jn Skinner and Nich Wriche of the same one piece of garden lying in Colne aforesaid viz between the tenement of the said Robt Mathewe sometime Jn Baker of the one part and the field of the lord Earl of Oxford called Barcrofte of the other part and contains in length of both parts 7rod10ft and abutteth at one head upon the garden of the lady Helen Reve and at the other head upon the garden sometime Jn Gosses and contains in breadth at one head 3r and half and 3ft and at the other 4rod5ft4i to hold to them their heirs and assigns of the said Hen etc and their heirs and assigns yielding therefore 12d at the four usual terms of the year