Earls Colne Tithe Award (ERO D/CT101A)

1838 (1838)

document 90000475

The Tile Kiln landowner Rich Horsman Solly occupier Robt Jas Pudney

total 86a16p

There is 2a1r3p marked on map no. 131a (131a) being part of a pasture called Great Meadow no. 131 (131) in schedule (which is subject to vicarial tithe) and the sum charged thereon is included in this farm, but is inclusive of the quantity 86a16p here set forth

vicar - £6.10s, extraordinary charge on 3r20p of hops at 8s per acre - 7s, total £6.17s; impropriator rev Robt Watkinson as vicar - £25.12s6d