Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr63)

michaelmas.1Edw6 (Thursday 29 September 1547)

document 45700012

rents of assize with rents at will and of 15li7s6d1f as the rent of assize of the lord's free tenants namely in Earls Colne 23s6d White Colne 38s and Wakes Colne 7d Gaynes Colne 41s2d Hedingham Sibley 8s2d Castle Hedingham 4s Great Maplested 2s Little Maplested 7d Pedmarshe 11s3d1h Alphamston 14s6d Twynsted 4d Myddellton 13s3d Laymarshe 3s7d Bures 12s7d Wyrmingford 18d Westmersey 2s4d Great Tey 3s Balyngdon in Sudbury 35s1f Asshedon 20s and Sutton 20s Gestyngthorpe 17s Edwarston 18d Aldeham in the county of Suffolk 10s Stisted 2s4d Patteswyke 6s Fordham 6d Messynge 2s4d Mattehalle 2s and Henney 7d as shown in the rental made by Jn Estey late bailiff there shown and examined to be paid at the feasts of the annunciation and michaelmas equally per annum and 13d lately as the free rent of Rich Anthony one of the tenants in Little Tey for his lands called Motts this year because the said Rich denied payment and the said accountant was not able to distrain thereof for the said rent upon his oath and of 8d lately as the free rent of Wm Draper one of the lord's tenants in Aldham for his lands called Walcrofte this year because Wm denied payment and the said accountant failed to distrain thereof upon the oath of the said accountant namely a return of 28li2s10d as the rent of the lord's tenants at will in Earls Colne 17li19s11d White Colne 7li10s1d Wakes Colne 12d Gaynes Colne 3s Hedingham Sibley 26s8d Castle Hedingham 8d Alphamston 10s Matteshall 5s6d and Balyngdon in Sudburye 5s to be paid at the aforesaid terms equally per annum as in the said rental