Colne Priory Extracts (ERO D/DPr46)

21.5.1543 (Monday 21 May 1543)

document 46400059

pain the bailiff to warn Wm Smyth to scour 10rod of ditch under Bredgmans the tenant of Sonnells 30rod under Bredgmans Lane Jn Pennock 10rod against Dagnallhyll Rich Smyth 16rod under Inhams Jn Cutler 12rod under Boolmyffeld Joan Ots widow 4rod under her garden Robt Thorne 10rod against Redyns and Sawers Jn Parker 8rod against Water Lane Jn Sparrowe 4rod under his stable Wm Brewer 25rod against Slowfeld and also a hulve before the next view on a pain to forfeit for every rod not scoured 1d#