Colne Priory Extracts (ERO D/DPr47)

1.6.1545 (Monday 1 June 1545)

document 46500130

pain the bailiff to warn the tenant of land called Sonnells to scour 30rod of ditch under Bredgmans Ralph Brykenhed gentleman 10rod under Longcroft Jn Cooke 20rod against Coes Agnes Thorn widow 10rod under Glasyers the same Agnes 20rod against Sawyers the tenant of land of The Tylekell 4rod in the road under his land the inhabitants of Albery Street to scour the ditch or current to the conduit leading to the mill tenant of the land called Pryknotts 16rod against Inhams Geo Byston 15rod against Pryknotts the same Geo to scour 20rod under the meadow called Prykenutts Medowe Robt Grene 12rod of ditch against Prynutts Land (sic) Geo Chatterton 8rod against Stonley Nich Garrard 10rod against a little grove late of the lord's park called Colne Park before the next court to be held on a pain for every rod not scoured 1d#