Earls Colne Extracts (ERO D/DPr103)

18.4.1601 (Saturday 18 April 1601)

document 49400008

item levy of Wm Stevens gentleman 12d Jeff Little gentleman 12d Ralph Sydaie 12d Rich Sampford 6d Roger Marche 6d Jn Sparrowe 6d Barth Marche 6d Francis Newton 4d Steph Ball 4d Wm Marshall gentleman 4d Jn Cockerell 4d Jn Jeggon 4d Francis Hall 6d Margt Hall 6d Edw Mapas 6d Robt Michell 6d Edw Wade 6d Jn Kynge 6d Robt Parker 6d Edw Potter 6d Robt Knight 6d Thos Man 6d Thos Collen 6d and Wm Cawche 6d for that they be tenants of this manor and have this day made default and are therefore amerced as appeareth over their heads