Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

22.5.3Jas1 (Wednesday 22 May 1605)

document 33100579

item they say that Edw Cooe gentleman 4d Rich Haynes gentleman Robt Plombe in right of his wife Robt Reade Wm Addams clerk Wm Bridge Hen Bird Sam Brewer Jeremy Morgan in right of his wife the heirs of Rich Ennewes Jn Aylett Adam March Thos Pilgryme Thos Polley in right of his wife heirs of Jn Brett Walt Newman Jn Creeke Edw Prentice Ann Nicholson widow Thos Anneally Wm Kitchin in right of his wife Robt Hickes in right of his wife Clem Coney Jn Wade (may be Jn Wade) illegible text Edw Watson Tabitha Hayward Wm Enowes Jn Upchar tenants and residents of the said manor and owe suit at this court and although solemnly required did not appear but made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their names