Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

18.1.1612 (Saturday 18 January 1612)

document 33401702

to this court came Edw Kinge gentleman and produced here in court a certain writing enfeoffing him in the following words to all faithful christians to whom this present writing reaches Edw de Veer earl of Oxford etc saving always to the lord whereas a certain Jn Huberd of Stansted Mountfitchett Essex yeoman now has and holds to himself and his heirs freely by deed from me and my heirs as of my manor of Colne Priory in the said county of Essex by fealty and the rents and services of 3s per annum and suit of court of the aforesaid manor divers lands and tenements lying and being in the parish of Halstead late parcel in the possession of Wm Waldegrave knight and in the county of Essex who the same said Jn Huberd lately had and purchased from the same said Wm Waldegrave I the aforesaid earl acknowledge for and in consideration the sum of 4li of legal english money to have been paid into my hands by the aforesaid Jn Huberd by payment whereof and with which I make known I am fully satisfied and the said Jn Hubberd his heirs executors and administrators to be acquitted and released thereof forever by these presents to be ratified and approved and by these presents confirmed to the aforesaid Jn Hubberd his heirs and assigns all his estate of and in the lands and aforesaid tenements to hold of me the aforesaid earl and my heirs as of my aforesaid manor in free socage by fealty for all the rents services and demands of or on behalf of the aforesaid lands and tenements or any parcel thereof to be paid or made and as mentioned above I acknowledge myself the aforesaid earl to remit release and in all respects for myself and my heirs forever to quitclaim to the aforesaid Jn Hubberd his heirs and assigns all and every rent arrears and services for fealty except for the revenue or anything now to be paid or made to me the aforesaid earl my heirs or assigns as lords of the aforesaid manor for or in the aforesaid lands and tenements or any parcel thereof thus let it be seen that neither I the aforesaid earl nor my heirs nor any of them by us of my or our behalf should be able or allowed to exact claim or demand any right rent or any service except fealty of or on behalf of the aforesaid lands or tenements or any parcel thereof in any way whatsoever in the future but from all accounts judgements appeals claims and demands of and in the aforesaid tenement and services or any parcel thereof except fealty to be exacted demanded or in any way whatsoever made we are entirely excluded by these presents given 31.1.1583 it is clearly shown that all and singular the premises are in the manner and by the right alienated to the aforesaid Edw Kinge and his heirs and the aforesaid Edw present here in court made fealty to the lord