Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr23)

2.11.1653 (Wednesday 2 November 1653)

document 34900671

Wm Tanner guardian to Wm Enew whereas at a court held for the said manor 31.12.1651 Phil Ennew as executor to Hen Ennew was admitted tenant to a garden or parcel of land upon which a barn was later built then taken down until Wm Ennew grandchild of the said Hen shall attain his age of twenty three years and whereas the said Phil is since dead and the said Wm is yet within his said age therefore the custody of the said premises is granted by the lord to Wm Tanner the elder until the said Wm Ennew shall attain his age to the intent that the rents and profits thereof may be employed according to the tenor and effect of the last will of the said Hen to hold of the lord by the rents due etc and his fine is pardoned