Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr23)

3.1.1667 (Thursday 3 January 1667)

document 35301102

Edw Finch parcel of Melfeild whereas at a court here held 17.2.6Chas1 Edw Finch and Moses Finch his son were admitted viz the aforesaid Edw for his lifetime the remainder thereof to the said Moses and his heirs to one part of one field or parcel of land called Mellfield and containing by estimation 1a more or less with appurtenances as it was then divided from the rest of the said field and lying between lands then of Edw Alliston clothier being a parcel of the said field towards the east and the other part of the said field then in the tenure of Barth Hayward toward s the west now at this court it was shown by the homage that the aforesaid Edw after the last court died thus seised thereof and that the aforesaid Moses died in the lifetime of the said Edw without heirs of his body procreated and that Edw Finch is his brother and heir upon which came here into court the aforesaid Edw Finch the brother of the said Moses and sought admittance for himself as tenant of the lord for the premises to whom the lord by the aforesaid steward granted and delivered thereof seisin by the rod to have and to hold the aforesaid part of the said field containing 1a more or less with appurtenances to the aforesaid Edw his heirs and assigns forever from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the aforesaid minor by the rents services and customs thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and he gave to the lord for a fine