Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr24)

6.11.1679 (Thursday 6 November 1679)

document 35700743

whereas at a court here held 9.1.1635 Edw Elliston gentleman and Mabel his wife were admitted for themselves and the heirs of their bodies legitimately procreated and for default of such heirs to the right heirs of the said Edw to one cottage or messuage then late built with 20a of land more or less called Sandhills and also to two gardens and two crofts of customary land containing by estimation 6a called Wrongs and other customary lands called Coggesgrove containing by estimation 2a more of less and all other lands and tenements of Rose Rosse widow and at a court here held 13.1.1636 the said Edw was admitted to himself and his heirs to a certain parcel of customary land called Priestland lying in Earls Colne now at this court it appeared to the homage that the said Edw Elliston died before this court without any heirs of his body procreated and that the said Mabel died before this court and that Math Elliston gentleman is brother and heir of the said Edw Elliston and upon this the aforesaid Math Elliston present here in court humbly petitioned admittance etc and the lord by the steward granted and delivered seisin etc and he gave the lord for fine etc