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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr25)

20.4.1702 (Monday 20 April 1702)

document 36000024

who say that Jn Cressener gentleman Splandin Vangover in right of his wife Wm Chapman Hen Abbott senior Jn Owers in the right of his wife Martha Harris Wm Brewer Rich Bridge Edw Williams Zach Rogers clerk Wm Kent Geo Toller gentleman Jeff Wistow Mary Bailey Geo Clerk Wm Death Jn Sandford Jn Fletcher Jn Grimston Jn Last Robt Honywood knight Sam Ellis in the right of his wife Hanna Ellis Wm May gentleman Susanna Toller Sam Christmas Jn Williamson Mary Godwin Robt Potter Wm Read in the right of his wife Jn Pratt Eliz Cardell widow Ann Wade widow Sarah Edwins Hen Creffield Agnes Newman Sarah Garrett Grace Fisher Simon Bailey are tenants and owe suit and this day made default therefore in mercy 3d