Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr25)

8.4.1712 (Tuesday 8 April 1712)

document 36100778

at a court held 9.5.1710 Mary Bullock was admitted to one close of land in Earls Colne called Birchetts containing by estimation 2a with a cottage thereon built now at this court it appeared that the said Mary died after the last court and that Dan Rogers is her brother and next heir which said Dan on 11.2.last surrendered by the hands of Isaac Potter instead of the bailiff in the presence of Sam Finch and Wm Boosby the said close etc and all his customary lands held of the manor to the use of Jn Bullock junior of Earls Colne husbandman which Jn present in court came was admitted etc and gave fine and made fealty