Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

30.3.1733 (Friday 30 March 1733)

document 36600461

at this court found that Jn Tyler was admitted 9.4.1724 for the term of his life according to the tenor of a certain deed indented under the hand and seal of Edw Johnson gentleman since deceased bearing date 20.4.1710 purporting a settlement on the marriage of the said Jn and Rebecca the daughter of Geo Clarke since deceased unto certain lands called Thredgolds Ballards Blowbarns and Irons died since the last court so seised and that Jn Tyler is the eldest son of the bodies of the said Jn and Rebecca his wife deceased whereupon came Jn Tyler the son by Chas Wale his attorney etc and was admitted etc and gave fine etc and the said Jn being a minor about 20yrs old Robt Price esq was admitted his guardian