Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

30.3.1733 (Friday 30 March 1733)

document 36600513

whereas at a court holden 8.4.1712 it was presented that Edm Osborn had surrendered all and singular his copyhold messuages etc to the use of his last will now at this court it was found that that said Edm is since dead and that he made his will 8.6.1730 and did thereby give and devise unto his son Jn Osborn all that his messuage or tenement in Earls Colne wherein he then dwelt with all the lands and tenements thereunto belonging holden of the manor of Colne Priory and appurtenances under the conditions in the said will mentioned etc whereupon came the said Jn Osborn and was admitted to 5r of land formerly parcel of a croft containing 6a2r and also to an aldercarr or marsh containing 2a formerly parcel of Oxen Fenn and also to a croft of land called The Bushett containing 2a next Broomfield and also to a parcel of land near Colne Park formerly parcel of a tenement called Parkers one head thereof abutting on Carters Croft and the other head upon the lane leading to the highway to a close called Smithfield and also to a parcel of land formerly a lane leading from Earls Colne to Coggeshall to the said field called Smithfield and also to two crofts called Broomfields containing 11a and also to a parcel of land called Oxen Fenn containing 4a and also to a close of land called Homefield containing 4a and also to a capital messuage with a pond and a yard to the same belonging and to one part of an orchard abutting on a piece of land called Blakes as the same has been long since divided from the residue of the said orchard except the hall and kitchen parcel of the said messuage and the other part of the orchard lying furthest from Blakes and also to a tenement with the appurtenances adjoining to the said capital messuage being the said hall and kitchen and also to two parcels of land containing 4a one part thereof abutting on the highway leading from Earls Colne to Coggeshall on the west and upon 12a of land late Wm Hutts on the south and east parts and the lands of the said Edm Osborn's formerly Wm Bridge's on the north part and also three crofts or parcels of land containing together 12a formerly the said Wm Hutts with their appurtenances to have according to the will and subject to the conditions therein mentioned etc and gave fine etc