Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

30.11.1741 (Monday 30 November 1741)

document 36900857

whereas at a court held 3.4.1730 it was found that Thos Heckford did before that court on 31.10.1729 surrender by the hands of Solomon Grimston gentleman deputy steward all his customary lands and tenements etc to the use of his last will now at this court it is found that he died since the last court and before his death made a will dated 8.7.1741 by which he devised as followeth also I give and devise unto the said Jn Ruggles and his heirs all those my copyhold lands and tenements in Earls Colne now in the tenure or occupation of Sam Halls or his assigns upon trust to sell and dispose of the same with all convenient speed after my decease and to pay the same money thereby arising and the rents and profits thereof till sale to and amongst all and every my said children that shall be living at my decease share and share alike and to this court came the said Jn Ruggles and was admitted to two crofts of land called Perriscrofts otherwise Cookscrofts held by the rent of     and also a parcel of land with a pit formerly parcel of Sedcopps holden by the annual rent of     with their appurtenances to hold on the said conditions etc and gave fine etc