Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.4.1646 (Monday 20 April 1646)

document 70001545

20: I had a great looseness: which yet I conceive was a mercy, it made me somewhat ill, I was somewhat ready to vomit also at night, no meditation so sweet as god, neither is it a comfort to be well in comparison of seeing, god in christ, I bless god, my thoughts were more staying in seeing god mine then in hopes of my health, god answered my expectation and desires in 21 day, having rest, and being much refreshed: god good in the company of divers good friends, Mr Earle came out of the West unexpectedly to us, die 21. Mr high Sheriff rode up to London, god in mercy preserve them and return them safe.

The kindness of Mrs M. Church to me, 5s. which was the more considerable as being gods return to me, having opened my hand to others, god opened her hand and heart unto me.