Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.2.1648 (Thursday 17 February 1648)

document 70003080

17: my child was ill, full of phlegm, we sent for the physician, he gave it syrup of roses: it wrought well. my wife persuaded herself that it would die it was a very sick child indeed: I took my leave of it at night, not much expecting to see it alive, but god continued it to morning and it seemed to me not hopeless: lord its yours, I leave it to your disposing only I pray you give me and my wife a submitting heart.

in this week died in this town: 1: woman in childbed and 2 children. or before her time she travailed and died: 2 young children more, and one young woman the lord make me sensible of my mercy. Mrs Mary would not go home, but stayed all night with our baby , hitherto my wife preserved from fevers, and upwards, the lord perfect her recovery, and if you lord break in with death into my family, oh make me more careful to live unto my god, and wait until my change comes.