Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.3.1649 (Thursday 29 March 1649)

document 70003990

March 29: This day I and my dear wife (with our true friend, Mrs Mary ,) set apart to seek god; to bewail our sins, the corruption, and deceit of our hearts before the Lord, and to seek of god strength to preserve us in our uprightness, and to heal us of every corruption: that god would remember my wife and give her a good and safe hour of deliverance, and preserve her and our family from diseases, that the lord would perfect my health, and a mercy run down herein to others especially our good Friend Mrs Mary , and Mr R: Har : Mrs Harlakenden in the street, Goodee Burton , and Goodee Potter , which four are ill, and I am especially bound to pray for them, for their good in this life, and a better; in a word that god would in the riches of his mercy give us of the fullness of Jesus, according to every one of our measures, which he sees we want and have need to be supplied to us, oh hear us for thy christs sake, oh our god, oh my god:

we had about two hours conference at Mr Harlakendens .