Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

10.12.1609 (Tuesday 10 December 1609)

document 37600895

to this court also came Edw Potter in person and acknowledged certain transgressions and wrong doings committed by him upon his customary lands held of the same manor as contained in the following english words viz Earls Colne at this court cometh Edw Potter one of the copyholders of the said manor and doth acknowledge that he hath felled divers bollingers of his customary land without licence and sold them contrary to the custom of the manor whereby he hath forfeited his copyhold lands and therefore he submitted himself to the lords mercy humbly praying him that he would be pleased now to take advantage of the said forfeiture but that he may only pay his reasonable fine for the said offence unto the petition the lord being moved by the steward of the court and the humble petition of the said Potter and upon his faithful promise not to commit the like offence without licence consented to waive the benefit of the forfeiture aforesaid and to accept 10s for a fine for the said offence which was paid in court by the said Potter mark Edw Potter acknowledged in the presence of Jn Joscelyn Thos Harlakenden Rich Harlakenden