Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

5.10.1610 (Friday 5 October 1610)

document 37601328

whereas at a court here held monday being 1.9.1600 Hen Birde was admitted tenant of the lord for himself and his heirs to one croft of land called Wallnuttree Croft as by roll of the same court here in this court fully produced and shown now at this court it is shown by the homage that the said Hen Birde died after the last court solely seised of the said croft with appurtenances in his demesne as of fee and that Hen Birde is the son and next heir of the said Hen Birde deceased and should have right of admittance who came to this court and sought for himself admittance thereof as his right and inheritance and which thus was shown by the homage the lord by his said steward granted to him seisin thereof to have to the same Hen son and heir to hold from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents and services thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and he gave to the lord his fine etc and made fealty and was admitted thereof tenant of the lord and because the said Hen is under age therefore custody of his body and of the premises was committed to Agnes Birde widow and mother of the aforesaid Hen by Reg Clarke her deputy in this case until the full age of the said Hen and the said Agnes gave to the lord her fine for such custody as is shown in the margin