Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

15.4.1623 (Tuesday 15 April 1623)

document 38002216

at this court and in the same full court the jury with the said homage delivered into the hands of the said steward a certain paper or note containing a certain agreement between the lord of this manor and the tenants of the same made before then and they sought the same for everlasting memory to be written and enrolled in the roll of this court to which same said petition the lord also gave agreement concerning which agreement the tenor of which is in the following words the concord order and agreement made 26.7.20Jas1 between Rich Harlakenden esq lord of the manor of Earls Colne and Colne Priory on the one part and Hen Abbott Edw Cressner gentleman Sam Brewer Jn Brewer Jn Reade Thos Prior Thos Hales Sam Game Jn Potter Xoph Isaack and Thos Aylett and other tenants of the said manor by the mediation of Jn Wakering and Francis Sidnor said parties or any tenant or tenants their heirs or assigns or any of them by any trial examination of witnesses or other matter of persecution or proceedings in the said court of star chamber or at the common law concerning the premises and that the said parties shall do their best endeavours at their equal charges respectively to withdraw the said suit in the said star chamber it being between the lord and the tenants and to have licence of the same court for the said purpose and that the defendants shall at the costs and charges of the plaintiff do any act reasonable for the taking out suppressing or making void of the depositions and proceedings in the said court of star chamber that may anyway prejudice or discredit any witness of the plaintiffs court rolls moreover it is agreed that this order final concord and declaration shall be enrolled in the court rolls of the said manors for a perpetual peace and memorial of the premises and that for the further confirmation hereof t he tenants at their costs and charges shall have the same decree in his majesties honourable court of chancery and that the said Rich Harlakenden shall do such act and acts as shall be reasonably required for the performance thereof at the tenants like costs and charges