Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

28.3.1627 (Wednesday 28 March 1627)

document 38201496

who being sworn say that Wm Clopton esq 6d Jn Hunwick 4d Robt Rookes 12d Chas Huntsman 6d Geo Cockerell 6d Hen Conney 6d Thos King 12d the heirs of Jn Prentice of Gores 6d Edw Potter 6d Thos Baily alias Smyth in right of his wife 12d Ambrose Waller 6d Edw Clark 3d Sam Game 12d Robt Arminall alias Miller 12d Jas Burton 12d Agnes Coggeshall widow 6d Rich Taylor in right of his wife 6d and Thos Fawning 6d are tenants and residents and suitors of this court and this day did not appear but made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their names