Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr78)

30.5.1637 (Tuesday 30 May 1637)

document 38600127

they present that Jn Little senior gentleman 6d Jn Godscal 12d gentleman Jn Little junior 6d Jn Lucas gentleman 6d Wm Mereton gentleman 6d Wm Aylett gentleman 6d Rich Warde 3d Rich Kempe 3d Bernard Peverell Robt Till in right of his wife 3d Edw Potter 6d Ann Fish 3d Edw Browne 6d Geo Cockerel 6d Wm Bridge 3d Sam Brewer 3d Edw Sommerson 3d and Wm Lungley 3d are inhabitants within the rule of this view and tenants of this manor and owe suit at this court but this day made default therefore each of them to amerce as is shown above their names