Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr80)

4.4.1671 (Tuesday 4 April 1671)

document 39700307

whereas at a court here held 3.1.12Chas1 Robt Carter took for himself and his heirs one messuage and certain lands and customary tenements called Stacyes and Wastlyns with barns stables and buildings belonging to the said messuage with appurtenances at this court it appeared to the homage that the said Robt 10.3.last surrendered the premises aforesaid into the hands of the lord by the hands of Wm Harlakenden esq and Jn Garrett gentleman two customary tenants etc to the use of his last will and after and before this court he died so seised now at this court came Robt Carter son of the said Robt deceased and showed here in court the last will of the said deceased in writing made 10.3.1671 the tenor of which concerning the premises in these english words following item I give unto Robt Carter my youngest son all that my copyhold land holding upon the manor of Earls Colne called by the name of Waseland and Stacies with all and singular the appurtenances whatsoever there is now in the tenure and occupation of Wm Fisher or his assigns to have and enjoy the said copyhold lands to the said Robt Carter his heirs and assigns forever as appears by the said will and upon which the said Robt Carter the son petitioned admittance etc and the steward delivered seisin etc to have and to hold the lands aforesaid etc to Robt Carter his heirs and assigns forever of the lord etc and he gave the lord for fine etc