Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr80)

28.10.1678 (Monday 28 October 1678)

document 39900423

whereas at a court here held 2.1.1667 Jn Clarke and Eliz his wife were admitted to them and the heirs of the said Jn to one messuage or cottage with appurtenances called Humphries and also to one messuage or tenement late two cottages called Baylies now at this court it appeared to the homage that the said Eliz died before this and that the said Jn Clarke died after the last court and that in his lifetime 20.12.29Chas2 the said Jn Clarke surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Wm Adams junior instead of the bailiff and in the presence of Ralph Josselin clerk and Wm Addams senior two customary tenants etc the said messuages with appurtenances in the several occupations of the said Jn Clarke Geo Paretree and Jn Appleton or their assigns to the sole use of Grace Essenham of Little Clacton in the county of Essex widow her heirs and assigns forever on the condition following that if the said Jn Clarke his heirs executors administrators or assigns well and faithfully pay unto the said Grace her executors administrators or assigns the full sum of 63li10s upon 4.8.1678 in the south porch of the church of Earls Colne aforesaid that then this surrender will be void now at this court came the said Grace now wife of Jn Kettle and gave the court intelligence that the said sum was not paid at the day for payment nor since and remains to this time unpaid and upon this the said Grace Kettle humbly petitioned of the lord admittance etc to whom the steward delivered seisin etc to have and to hold the said messuage and all and singular the premises to the said Grace Kettle and her heirs and assigns of the lord etc and she gave her fine etc