Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

9.5.1710 (Tuesday 9 May 1710)

document 40900263

at a court held 17.3.1671 Humph Ruggles was admitted to him and heirs one customary messuage with appurtenances called Littmans with illegible text yard of said messuage except that Wm Harlakenden his heirs and assigns always reserve 2p of the said land or about that from the said yard lying next the messuage in which said Wm then lived now fenced and divided from the yard allowing full freedom and authority to Humph Ruggles his heirs and assigns to enter in and upon the said 2p land from time to time as necessary for work and breech a certain part of fence of said 2p for the repairing of same provided always that after the said repairs Humph Ruggles his heirs and assigns restore the said pales and mend and at a court held 5.5.1704 it appeared to homage that said Humph 7.6.1703 surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of Solomon Grimston gentleman in place of the bailiff in presence of Gilb Smith gentleman and Sam Finch two customary tenants said premises with appurtenances to use of Jn Weston of Maplestead Magna in county of Essex yeoman his heirs and assigns forever under condition that if the said Humph his heirs executors or assigns pay or cause to be paid Jn Weston his administrators executors or assigns sum of 37li2s at a certain day in above surrender specified the surrender would be void now to this court came Jn Weston with Jn Eldred (may be Jn Eldred) gentleman in role of attorney or deputy and gave the homage information that said sum at the day mentioned in the surrender was not paid and was still not satisfied and thereupon humbly petitions etc admitted the said premises with appurtenances etc fealty respited