Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr84)

9.4.1725 (Friday 9 April 1725)

document 41600346

at a court held 24.3.1696 it appeared to that homage that Jn Pratt and Judith his wife on 16.3.1696 before that she Judith first by Jn Eldred esq then steward of said manor solely and secretly examined and consenting surrendered by the rod into hand of lord by hand of steward according to custom of manor all and singular the customary messuages lands tenements and hereditaments of Jn Pratt and Judith or either of them to such uses and for such state or states which said Judith married or single with or without consent of her husband in her last will or by other writing under her hand and seal should nominate or apportion and for defect of such nomination etc to use of right heirs of Judith forever now to this court appear to homage that Judith died since last court and that by last will in writing dated 10.4.1695 devised in these english words to wit item I bequeath unto my loving husband Jn Pratt during the term of his natural life all those my copyhold lands called Chewney Lands with their appurtenances containing by estimation 9a be the same more or less and also certain copyhold lands and tenements called Park Feilds and Chewney with their appurtenances as the same are situate lying and being in Earls Colne aforesaid holden of the said manor and after the decease of the said Jn Pratt I give the said copyhold lands and premises unto the heirs of my own body begotten or to be begotten and for want of such issue and in case I die before the said Jn Pratt my husband and without heirs of own body then I give the said copyhold lands and premises herein aforementioned unto the said Jn Pratt my husband and his heirs forever after which comes here into court said Jn Pratt and petitions etc admitted tenant to premises giving lords rights for the fine which should happen after the death of said Jn Pratt