Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr84)

30.4.1729 (Wednesday 30 April 1729)

document 41800986

and afterwards comes Solomon Grimston gentleman in full court complains against said Geo of the said lands etc and makes protestation in form of writ of entry upon a disseisin in le post at common law and prays precept Geo present freely answers etc and after Solomon demands against said Geo four parts etc as his right and inheritance to which Geo has not entry but after the disseisin which Hugo Hunt unjustly and without judgement made to Solomon within thirty years etc he says he was seised in his demesne as of fee etc thereupon brings suit Geo vouches to warranty said Francis and Dorothy Thos and Judith Ruth and Eliz who present freely warrant etc Solomon demands against the said Francis Dorothy Thos and Judith Ruth and Eliz etc said Francis Dorothy Thos Judith Ruth and Eliz vouch to warranty etc Dan Cobb he present here freely warrants etc Solomon demands against Dan etc Dan says that Hugo Hunt did not disseise the said Solomon as in his plaint etc and puts himself etc Solomon prays leave to imparl four hours after noon it is granted and afterwards at that hour comes again said Dan although solemnly demanded does not etc contempt of court and made default it is considered that Solomon recover his seisin against Geo Geo have of the lands etc of Francis Dorothy Thos Judith Ruth and Eliz to the value etc lastly Francis Dorothy Thos Judith Ruth and Eliz have of the lands and tenements of said Dan to the value etc Dan is in mercy etc Solomon prays precept etc Isaac Potter as baillie returned precept etc by virtue thereof caused Solomon to have full seisin etc Solomon petitioned etc admitted tenant to four parts with appurtenances according to form and effect of said recovery etc