Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

6.8.1734 (Tuesday 6 August 1734)

document 42100539

at this court it is found by homage that 13.7.last Sarah wife of Robt Bridge gentleman daughter and heir of Thos Littel gentleman deceased and the said Robt Bridge in right of his wife customary tenants of manor did at the request of the trustees in pursuance of a covenant contained in a marriage settlement of Jn Littel then son and heir apparent of said Thos and Susan Bryan spinster which Jn Littel is since dead without issue surrender by rod into hand of lord by hand and acceptance of Chas Wale gentleman deputy steward for that purpose legally constituted she Sarah first solely and secretly examined by deputy steward and consenting according to custom of manor all that piece of meadow called Hobstevens containing by estimation 1a2r more or less to which Thos Littel was admitted on the surrender of Gilb Smith and Eliz his wife and also all that meadow divided into two parts called Stone Bridge Meadow otherwise Little Bridge Meadow containing 1a1r more or less also one other little piece of pasture parcel of Hobstevens containing 2r more or less with their appurtenances all which premises are held of manor by several copies of court roll and parcel of or let with a certain freehold farm Parlabens to only use of said Susan now wife of Edw Foster for the term of her life only whereupon comes into court Susan and craves etc admitted to premises etc for her life only etc saving the lords right