Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr86)

19.11.1744 (Monday 19 November 1744)

document 42600567

and immediately afterwards said Eliz Robinson and said Jas in right of his wife did in full and open court surrender by rod into hands of lords by hands of steward she said Eliz being first solely and privately examined by steward and consenting as custom is all those 2r of land and also all that croft of land parcel of Bearcroft and an orchard and also that other croft of land with appurtenances called Bearcroft to the said Eliz Robinson for her life and immediately after her death to use of Jas Robinson for his life and after death of survivor of them to such uses and to such persons estate and estates as she Eliz should in her last will declare limit and appoint and for want of such declaration limitation or appointment to use of right heirs of Mary Parrish her late mother deceased whereupon comes into court Eliz and humbly craves of the lords to be admitted tenant to premises lords by steward granted seisin by rod etc to hold to her Eliz for her life etc