Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

2.11.1406 (Tuesday 2 November 1406)

document 54500153

fine 3s4d inquisition of the office taken upon the oath of Thos Hunte Robt Segge Jn Hyne Thos Kylet Roger Moredon Jn Pake Rich Cope Jn Passemer Jn Atte Park Jn Leteman Robt Taillour and Wm Atte Wode sworn who say upon their oath that Jn Turnour who held from the lady by the rod one cottage called Turnours with a garden adjoining next to it also abutting upon a lane called Burwis Lane died since the last court after his death no one came to the lady on account of there being no heir at that time therefore a better enquiry for next time and they say that the said Jn lying on his death bed of sound mind surrendered into the hands of the lady by the hands of Wm Aunger in the presence of Roger Moredon Wm Atte Freth e and other of the lady's tenants there testifying according to the custom of the manor the said cottage called Turnors with garden adjoining to the use of Gunnor his wife to whom the lady thereof granted seisin to hold to the same Gunnor for her lifetime from the lady by the rod according to the custom of the manor saving whatever rights and after the decease of the said Gunnor the said cottage with garden adjoining as specified above should remain to Thos Prodeman Jn Lavenham and their heirs upon the following condition that the said cottage with garden should be sold and the moneys thereof received distributed for prayers for Jn and Gunnor themselves and all the faithful dead as should best please god as a penance and offering before god on the day of judgement etc and the said Gunnor gave to the lady for a fine for her estate to have for her lifetime as shown in the margin of the roll and she made fealty to the lady