Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

26.4.1414 (Thursday 26 April 1414)

document 55100908

the bailiff discharged from collecting 15d rent collected from Thos Kelet by the lord earl's steward to this court with view came Thos Kelet and sought for himself and his heirs release from 15d rent per annum by Thos Bonyll late bailiff of this manor unjustly levied of the same said Thos for four years as he says by virtue of a certain charter of Wm Trechernt# and Lecia his wife conferred on Alex Tanner of Earls Colne and contained in these words know now and in the future that we Wm Tetherit and Lecia my wife sometime of Thurston Turnor of Colne grant and give and by this our present charter confirm to Alex Tanner of Earls Colne by his homage and service and for 25s which he gave to us as a complete sum for all that croft with the entire marsh thus enclosed by hedges and ditches which lies between a way leading from Halsted towards Colchester and that field which is called Prestlond in breadth whereof one head abuts upon land sometime of the son of Osberte and upon land of Rose sister of the said Lecia and the other head upon land sometime of Arnold the merch ant to have and to hold with all its appurtenances from us and our heirs to him and his heirs and assigns or should he wish to give sell bequeath or grant the aforesaid croft with marsh to anyone at any time except for a religious house or to truly indent and in peace and quiet the entire inheritance forever for an annual rent thereof to us and our heirs of 9d at the four annual terms namely at the feast of st andrew the apostle 2d and at easter 3d and at the nativity of st john baptist 2d and at the feast of michaelmas 2d for all services whatsoever suit at court and other customs and demands and we the aforesaid Wm and Lecia warrant give over and discharge all the aforesaid croft of land with marsh and with all its appurtenances to the said Alex and his heirs and assigns or to give and to sell to whoever and at whatever time as the aforesaid is by the aforesaid free services against all heirs and female heirs by the testimony of Alex Copyn Robt de la Bruerewerry Wm Bonamy Hubert Trusseher Albert son of Baldwin Rich Poidras Peter Toterich Rich son of Odon Jeff the miller Reginald the sacriston Haurus the merchant and upon this in the same said court by virtue of the same said commission of the lord Rich de Veer earl of Oxford to the said Wm Ingham steward of the same said lands of the lord earl directed in full and open court by declaration and examination and by the enquiry of the whole homage proved the aforesaid Thos by the aforesaid steward was excused of the said 15d per annum by virtue of the examination and inquisition taken by the said commission whereof the bailiff was able to levy thereof 3d