Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

16.4.1415 (Tuesday 16 April 1415)

document 55200449

fine 2d at this court the said Robt and Wm surrendered into the hands of the lord one piece of a garden containing 10p to the use of Jn Turnor and Thos Kelette sometime of Robt Mathew with a reasonable way there towards The Berecroft and towards the pond there at their will to whom the lord thereof granted seisin to hold to the same and their heirs at the will of the lord by ancient services and if it should happen concerning the said Jn and Thos or their heirs thereof that they should be debarred or their cattle driven off by the said Robt Wm or by Robt Mathew or their heirs it should be allowed to the same said Jn and Thos and their heirs to reenter and to hold as in their previous estate the said chaseway because the said Robt and Wm should hold it from Jn Turnor himself as of the surrender here in court