Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

17.5.1429 (Tuesday 17 May 1429)

document 56400974

fine 8d Wm Ate Wode surrendered into the hands of the lord one cottage with garden sometime of Thos Bovyle to the use of Ralph Noke to whom the lord by his steward granted thereof seisin to hold to himself Jn Hyne and Simon Hamond their heirs and assigns at the will of the lord by the services and customs saving the rights etc upon the condition that the aforesaid Ralph Jn and Simon pay to the same said Wm or his attorney at the feast of michaelmas.next 1mark at the feast of easter next 1mark and at the agreed feasts the sums until the sum of 7marks of good english money should be paid and if it should happen that the aforesaid Ralph Noke Jn Hyne and Simon should be in arrears in part or in whole of the payment of the said sum at any of the aforesaid terms that then truly it should be allowed to the same said Wm Ate Wode and his attorney to go into and to reenter the aforesaid cottage with appurtenances forever and upon this they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty and afterwards came Christine who was wife to the said Wm and remitted and quitclaimed to the aforesaid Ralph his heirs and assigns all her right and estate whatsoever in the aforesaid lands