Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

22.5.1431 (Tuesday 22 May 1431)

document 56700722

fine 6d condition to this court came Jn Hyne and Thos Kelet and surrendered into the hands of the lord a certain parcel of land lying in Berecroft Lane containing in length 41ft and in breadth 24ft one head abutting upon a garden late of Jn Kebyl and the other head upon Berecroft Lane together with one way extending as far as Berecroftfeld for the carrying and recarrying with a horse and cart at whatever reasonable times for driving and redriving along the whole of Berecroft Lane without making damage to the lord or his farmers according to form and effect of a certain copy thereof with another parcel made to Thos Hunte granted and not ratified and confirmed by the steward of Rich de Veer late earl of Oxford and father of lord Jn de Veer now earl of Oxf ord when at a court here held on the thursday next after the feast of st luke the evangelist 19.10.1Hen5 to the use of Edm Goldyng upon this condition however that the same said Edm should pay or cause to be paid 100s on the sunday next after st thomas the archbishop next following after the date of this court to the aforesaid Thos Kelet or his attorney to whom the lord now at this court granted thereof seisin to hold to the said said Edm his heirs and assigns from the lord at the will of the lord by the ancient services and customs etc and upon the aforesaid conditions etc and if it should happen that the aforesaid Edm or his attorney should default in the aforesaid payment at the day and aforesaid term then this surrender shall be void otherwise it should stand in its force and vigour and he gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty