Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56800421

bailiff discharged of 16d to his account whereas at a court here held on the monday the day after the feast of st hilary 14.1.26Edw3 Jn Goul surrendered into the hands of the lord for himself and his heirs forever one messuage and 10a of customary land with appurtenances and the lord from his seisin granted the said tenement with its appurtenances to Rich Redyng and his heirs for performing thereof the services valued as allocated by inheritance for himself and his heirs annually for customary services to the value of 16d thus that they should keep the gateway of Goulesgate and the close hedges of the same said park as of rightful custom and should have within the said park pasture for two fat beasts annually to be pastured and he was accepted thereof tenant and made fealty by the lord's letters etc (in french) Jn de Vere earl of Oxford and chamberlain of England to our dear and good friend Jn Benyngton steward of our lands greetings in true friendship know that Rich Gowle living within our lands of Colne held from us certain tenements in Colne keeping the guard of Goulgate in our park of Colne and keeping the close of the hedges of the said park died as tenant of the aforesaid tenements after which decease Jn the son and heir of Rich himself renounced and relinquished the said tenements and the guard of the said gateway and of the aforesaid hedges to the grave damage of ourself and to the prejudice of our office and to the destruction of the aforesaid tenement we sought of the said Jn to make to us seisin into our hands to hold the aforesaid tenement with appurtenances to our demesne and to give to us the profit of the keeping of the gate and the aforesaid hedges and those tenements up to his default for which we from us grant the tenements aforesaid to our well loved Rich Redynge parker to hold to him and his heirs making to us and to our heirs the services which to us accrue from the tenements aforesaid for which we order you to give the tenements aforesaid to the said Rich to hold in the form above mentioned by the roll of our court made and enrolled in the said roll returning for the tenements the services to be made by himself and his heirs to us and to our heirs for the tenements aforesaid by the services of keeping the gate etc which the said Rich and his heirs should make for the said tenements without waste and destruction and these were given on the day written at my manor of Bentelegh on 15.12.27Edw3 (latin) which lands lately were in the hands of the lord after the death of the said Rich for the same reason as shown in certain letters of the aforesaid lord earl (illegible as sewn over) here held on the thursday 18.12.28Edw3 the said lord ordered and directed Jn Benington (illegible as sewn over) in this form and tenor and by virtue of the aforesaid letters the lord granted to Rich Reding our warrener of Colne all the aforesaid illegible text together with the custody of the same said gateway of the said park called Goulesgate with their appurtenances to hold to the same said Rich and his heirs by the ancient services and customs etc at the will of the lord saving the rights etc and he was admitted thereof tenant etc and he gave to the lord for a fine as shown in the roll of the court here held on thursday 18.12.28Edw3 above mentioned 13s4d and made fealty etc therefore it was considered by the steward of all the manor lands and tenements of Jn de Veer now earl of Oxford that Jn Grove who is now keeper of the aforesaid gateway should be allowed the aforesaid 16d for his services which were granted by Jn de Veer aforesaid at that time earl of Oxford whereof the lord's bailiff ought to charge for the aforesaid 16d at his next account whereof amerced
Jn Grove is allocated by the steward 16d for his services memo